All-Gas Porous Media Burner for Exhaust and Low-calorific Gases

EBZ burners for low-calorific gases provide a particularly stable operation even running by gas with high steam contents. Burners can be designed very compact, working in a wide operation range such as from 0.5 up to 10 kW. In contrast to conventional burners, EBZ units assure high thermal efficiencies even in part-load conditions.

We offer engineering and fabrication of mini and medium size burners for a wide variety of fuels in all technical applications. Integrated heat exchangers can provide air temperatures up to 750 °C.

Porous Media Burner

Catalytic Burner

During the operation of fuel cell units or component test rigs a range of flammable and/or toxic exhaust gases (like CH4, H2, CO) have to be disposed. Our solutions of catalytic burners assure a safe, eco-friendly and procedural inexpensive method of afterburning. The exhaust gas is mixed with an excess of air and then oxidised at the catalysts surface at a middle range temperature, avoiding any NOx emissions. Ignition devices or flame monitoring are not needed.

EBZ offers complete packages including catalysts housing, mixing chamber, air feeding, and controls and monitoring.