Your own power plant, an engineering marvel! To really get power and heat from a fuel cell, it needs a high-performance system around. Customised system design, balance of plant (BOP) components, control systems, embedded systems and advanced software control – the job of EBZ!

System Design

Due to the different areas of application, customised system designs are necessary. Differences depending on many matters like fuel and air supply, pressure and temperature level, needed power and heat generation, mobile or stationary usage, ...


BOP Components

Balance of plant (BOP) components are all supporting components and auxiliary systems of a power plant. The integration of these comprehensive core components into a high efficient operating system is the challenging task. Part of this sector are

  • Filters and valves,
  • pumps and blowers,
  • injectors

as well as typical process engineering units like

  • fuel processing and reforming,
  • start-up or after burners,
  • heaters and heat exchangers.


Electric Power Conversation

The fuel cell stack containing the serial connected cells is generating a DC voltage. For grid-parallel operation, an inverter is applied to feed the electrical power into the public grid. For on-board power supply of large vehicles the inverter usually fulfils 42 Volt requirements in combination with a backed battery.


Heat Conversation

An apparent disadvantage of the SOFC is that not all of the gaseous fuel can be converted directly to power and heat inside the cells. This limitation is caused by its physical principle and can therefore not be avoided. Excess fuel will be directed to a special system integrated afterburner. The excess heat is applied for internal gas preheating and fuel processing. Furthermore it can be used externally for house heating or industrial tasks.


The Answer – EBZs Fuel Cell Systems

With all this information and the right choice of components, EBZ build up the system layout, control and safety system and manufacture it in-house in our production site. Developing superior solutions for our customers is not just a job, it’s our passion!

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