System Engineering

Conception and Build-up of Laboratory Equipments
EBZ is developing complete fuel cell system test rigs. This includes mechanical build-up, component integration, flow and heat management and, if required, measurement and control functions. Safety management systems are integral parts of the test rigs due to handling of flameable and toxic gases. Certainly our remote controllable and low-cost safety concept is interesting for your application.

Stack Integration
For fuel cell tests we can offer complete test rigs or integrate stacks into your existing test rig and develop an applied operation concept. Stack damages due to system failures are very cost intensive. Therefore we have developed passive and reactive stack dummies for the first tests, qualifying your system.


Measurement and Control
To operate test rigs in a comfortable and reliable way, we can create specific control tools. A variety of control strategies of your future product can be tested and optimised. Furthermore process visualisations on a PC graphical user interface (GUI) give a fast overview and intervention.

Analysis and Optimisation of Systems and its Devices
Simulation is an effective tool to accelerate product development and to reduce its costs. To analyse both, devices and complete systems, we have powerful software and wide experiences to tackle your optimisation challenges.

Workshops and Staff Training
Workshop topics are e.g. the integration of fuel cells into existing house heating systems and essential background knowledge about the technology. Educational offers are adapted to the specific target group and therefore suitable for high schools and colleges as well as for professional trainings.


Where to find us


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