Independent SOFC Testing Laboratory

EBZ has nearly one decade of experience in testing of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC). Stacks from different developers have been installed and successfully tested: Fraunhofer IKTS, Staxera, FZ Jülich and HTceramix. Furthermore, EBZ was partner for stack testing in the European research project REAL-SOFC. Based on these experiences, EBZ offers its knowledge in standard testing procedures and benchmark conditions as engineering service.


As independent testing laboratory, EBZ verifies the performance of your SOFC stack:

  • I/V – curves, performance maps
  • Performance at different gas compositions
  • Degradation experiments
  • Thermal cycling
  • Redox cycling
  • Long-term tests for several 1000 hours


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Data Sheet EBZ Test Laboratory



Technical Data

The stack testing capabilities are based on two furnace type test stands. They are integrated in our laboratory in Dresden. The following features guarantee a save operation of the customers stacks:

  • Multi-stage safety management system
  • Temperature and pressure safeguards
  • Purge gas (Ar/H2) for safety states and emergency stops
  • Remote control system
  • Event manager via SMS

Customised parameter definitions are used for testing, e.g.:

  • Current density
  • Fuel and oxygen utilisation
  • Gas composition
  • Temperature

Where to find us


Marschner Straße 26

01307 Dresden


+49 (0) 351 479 39 0