High Temperature Gas Heaters

The EBZ electrical gas heaters achieve gas outlet temperatures up to 850 °C within a wide flow range and low pressure losses. The control of the gas outlet temperature works with outstanding accurateness with minor influence of heat radiation. Innovative insulation materials and the compact design of the gas heater ensure an efficient energy use. Due to the modular design, we can adapt our standard heaters easily to meet the requirements of our customers.


Key Features

  • Heat up of air and other process gases
  • Precise gas outlet temperature up to 850 °C in a wide flow range
  • Max. inlet temperature 700 °C (for H-series)
  • Heat up rates up to 35 K/min
  • Modulation range of volume flow 1:10
  • Low pressure loss
  • Approved cycle stability
  • High efficiency due to a compact modular design
  • Easily controlled by using EBZs Heater Control and Safety Unit


Typical Applications

  • Fuel cell stack or single cell tests
  • Process and chemical engineering plants
  • Sintering processes
  • Drying processes



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Data sheet EBZ Gas Heater