Fuel Cells

EBZ Fuel Cells offers stack independent demonstration systems and test rigs for high temperature fuel cells. We develop solutions to integrate your stack with all necessary balance of plant (BOP) components into a functional high efficient system. The outstanding quality of our systems and test rigs is approved by process-accompanying tests in the in-house laboratory and reliable field tests. All systems or test rigs are optimized to work in automatic operation mode with our intelligent control software. Our well conceived and controlled systems and test rigs permit a continuous evaluation of knowledge and support the progress of understanding the technology. Our existing high quality solutions and the consistent development of them permit us to compete economically, even for high-tech applications on customers demand. Meeting all regulations and standards, a thoughtfully risk assessment and the well tested safety system ensure a safe operation for personnel and plant components as well.

Where to find us


Marschner Straße 26

01307 Dresden


+49 (0) 351 479 39 0