Demonstration Systems

Fuel cells are expected to become a key technology of the future decentralised energy supply with combined heat and power (CHP) units. Therefore the EBZ Demonstration Systems provide a flexible platform for a large variety of research and application targets.

EBZ Demonstration Systems are applied to residential micro CHP, large-scale CHP for industry or for stationary and mobile, like auxiliary power units (APU). EBZ Demonstration Systems are applicable to test stacks in a real-world system environment, operated with different fuels and fuel processing technologies. Electrical efficiencies of more than 50 % at a power of only 1 kW electrical power obtained with natural gas from the grid show the outstanding potentials of the solid 

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oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology. Especially in environments, year-round heat demand exists, SOFC systems are ideally suited to satisfy customers demands with long service intervals, low noise levels and minimal emissions.


EBZ has developed and operated several generations of fuel cell systems with different gas processing types and stack technologies. They are either for proofing the SOFC stack long-term stability or to investigate the stack and system performance with different fuel and operation characteristics.


For SOFC stack manufacturers

  • Demonstrate the capabilities of your stack in a real system environment with generation of electricity and heat
  • Investigate the stack and system behaviour under long-term steady state conditions or load-cycling and start / stop operation
  • Benefit from EBZs experiences of integration and operation of SOFC stacks and hotbox modules from different European suppliers
  • We design the system according to your needs: as full self-sustained module or with a high flexibility in testing your stack performance


For fuel cell system research

  • Demonstrate the SOFC excellence of highest electrical efficiencies
  • Investigate and optimise control strategies
  • Couple a SOFC system with auxiliary boilers, sorption cooling systems, steam generators, ...
  • Show the suitability of the SOFC to work with different hydrocarbon fuels like natural gas, biogas or LPG
  • Investigate the effect of fuel processing technologies (steam reforming, catalytic partial oxidation, thermal partial oxidation, autothermal reforming)


EBZ offers it competences in stack integration and system development to bring the SOFC technology to the market. We have more than one decade of experiences in the SOFC technology and system development. EBZ cooperates with leading research institutes and companies in the SOFC sector. In addition EBZ has gained comprehensive expertise as member in several EU research projects. Contact us and profit from our expertise!


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