Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The EBZ GmbH completely develops control software for PLC, safety-PLC and graphical user interface (GUI) itself. This is a great advantage to react fast on customer needs and wishes. Due to well known 3rd party software from National Instruments the reliability of all software solutions is at a very high grade.


Every EBZ test rig as well as some single components are delivered with a powerful GUI. It provides the operator with well-arranged informations about the test rig and its components. In detail the GUI contains several registers containing at least a P&ID-like screen, a manual control page, the limit monitoring, a messages page with actual and historical errors and a configuration page for database handling. A relatively new feature is the data acquisition page, where the user is able to generate reports with own remarks and automatically recorded data sets.


The concept for the database handling supports an event-driven recording. With this kind of data mining very small databases can be obtained. A very comfortable way to plot, export and analyse the data is provided with the test rigs PC.


Many researchers and developers like to program their own test sequences, because most test routines are repeated from time to time. That's why EBZ GmbH developed the EBZ ProControl – a graphical programming language for test rigs and components. This program cannot only operate at EBZ test rigs but at all systems with OPC server functions.


Another helpful tool is the EBZ EventMessenger that provides email notification as well as SMS notification based on defined events.

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